Our vision is to improve our position and become a leading company on every sector in which we operate and be a point of reference. Above and beyond we want to provide high-quality services in an environment that ensures profitability for the company, its partners and well-being for society.

Our values, on which the daily and uninterrupted operation of our company is based, are:

  • Human Resources which frame the company and their focus on the goals and vision of the company led V.K.C S.A to have a distinguished position in the market.
  • Integrity - Ethos – Sincerity that distinguish the company's human resources and consequently its operation.
  • Quality at Work in accordance with the Legislative Framework.
  • Transparency - Equality - Meritocracy that distinguishes company’s internal functioning by creating a performance-oriented attitude and at the same time avoiding any action contrary to its general principles and interests.
  • Creativity and Innovation that is encouraged through such thinking by promoting all necessary freedom to fulfill demanded job tasks.
  • Courage and energeticism are the core values ​​to challenge disappointment and to dare the new.
  • Teamwork and Unity through which we seek results for corporate success.