V.K.C. S.A. started its operations in the waste management sector in early 2015, having as a core business the trading of recyclates, paper products (cardboard packaging), bailing wire and alternative fuels such as R.D.F & S.R.F.

Company entered dynamically in the recyclable materials market, creating a strong network of associates by signing exclusive contracts with suppliers and customers. Relying on the long term experience of its executives, has the ability to collect, process, refine, store and dispose of all products in licensed facilities/final recipients. Printing units, publishing companies, press distribution agencies, super-markets & M.R.Fs represent some of VKC S.A. long list suppliers.

Contributing in the recycling sector, VKC S.A holds all the appropriate licensing that Greek legislation determines (Standard Environmental Engagement, Permits for Collection and Transport of non-hazardous solid waste for all regions of Greece, Export Licenses), acquiring recyclates from numerous sources, such as M.R.F units in Greece and overseas, distributing them to final end users.

In the field of waste to energy, VKC S.A. retain long-term cooperation with energy-intensive industries, mainly cement manufacturers, by supplying them with alternative fuels such as R.D.F (Refused Derived Fuel) and S.R.F (Solid Waste Fuels).